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Ideally suited for a larger space and serious gym owners, this rig instantly creates between 2-6 bench / squat stations and 6-14 pull up stations. Keep in mind, you can start with a smaller 3m design and then addsections to your ri as your gym grows. Rhino Gains is here to support your growth.


As standard, all uprights and cross members of Rhino Gains Rigs are made of 75*75*3mm (Rhino Monster) 11-gauge stainless steel pro!les (60*60*3mm pro!les, Rhino Jacked, also available). That have been fused together with TIG welding, an arc welding that uses an electrode made of tungsten for superior strength and durability. These uprights and crossmembers are fastened with dependable, anti-loosen 25mm hardware (16mm for smalller pro!le), and !nished with a tough and long lasting matte black powder coat which will keep your rig in prime condition for years to come. All uprights feature westside spacing to enable more options for the safety bar and pull up bars to be precisely positioned, and barbell support (J-cups) are included and have a rubber matt for smooth load/unloading and anit-scratching.


First choose your pro!le base from either ‘Rhino Jacked’ ‘ Rhino Monster’, depending on your needs. Jacked is suitable for frequent and moderate use in most gyms. Monster is suitable for frequent and intense use in all gyms. Then choose you rig size. 1.2m, 3m, 4.2m, 6m or 7.2m. If you want to start small, you can extend this unit by a 1.2m or 1.8m section as shown below, enquire for larger than 7.2m. The below diagram uses the freestanding rig to demonstrate sizes.


Attachments, hardware to bolt the unit to the “oor, branding, zinc coating for external instillation, and a variety of colours are all available on request for an additional cost if you want to ‘pimp your rig’.


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Freestanding Multifunctional Rig

Ideally suited for a larger space and serious gym owners. This rig instantly creates between 2-6 bench/squat stations and 6-14 pull up stations. In 3 meters pull-up stations, 4.2 meters 8 pull-up stations, 6 meters 12 pull-up stations and 7.2 meters 14 pull-up stations.


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