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High-Density Rubber and Low Bounce

Bumper Plate:

Made of 100% high-density rubber to offer a low bounce on any surface, which can withstand repeated drops and is safer for you and your equipment than iron plates. The rubber construction is much quieter than traditional metal construction which is great for garage gym use.

Secure Weightlifting Bumper Plate:

In order to offer superior control, each Olympic weight plate has a strong steel ring insert, which is bonded to the rubber, preventing the collar from moving, and fits all standard racks, sleds, and bars

Smooth Ergonomics:

While our rubbered, plates are built to be utilized with barbells, they are designed to be easy on your hands and won’t create distracting, loud thumps if dropped, allowing for solo floor work like abdominal exercises.

Professional Grade:

Our weights meet the gold standard for Olympic competition, boasting 17.5 inches in diameter and thickness varies by weight, seamlessly transferring from bar to rack, so the only thing you have to worry about is performance

Bumper Plates Diameter:

51mm center

Get 20 kg bumper plates with high quality, low bounce, and high-density rubber, which can withstand repeated drops and is safer for you and your equipment than iron plates. These new high-tech rubber plates are much quieter and durable than traditional metal plates that were unsafe and require more floor padding. Which again adds up to your cost but now no more! These new well-engineered high-quality 20KG bumper plates are the best for homes, garage gyms, commercial gyms, and clubs. Get these super durable, high-quality 20 kg bumper plates delivered to your doorstep and start building muscle today!

If you can’t visit or afford the gyms, these 20 kg bumper plates are the perfect thing to have for any home or gym. Its durable and well-engineered design provides quieter and far safer drops due to rubber construction. It needs minimal drop paddings than all the other plates

What are you waiting for? Bring these 20KG BUMPER PLATES and start exercising now! It’s also the best choice for the people who are not sure enough to start exercising and looking forward to trying a bit of bodybuilding!

Features and benefits of bumper plates:

About the bumper plates

It weighs 20 kg, 17.5-inch in diameter. Furthermore, it is made up of high density, high durability, less noisy, high-quality rubber. Perfect for the gym and home use.


It helps you to strengthen and build your muscles. Works best with the abdomen, back, leg, forearm, shoulders, and chest.

Ergonomic design

You can effortlessly use it in many ways and with most of the weight bars out there. It is easy and safe to use fulfilling all the international safety standards.

Additional information

The fundamental purpose of these Bumper plates is to magnify production and lessen the risk of injuries while weightlifting training. Additionally, the rubber makes it durable and needs minimal floor padding to be deployed, making it overall cheaper to use.

If you want to get more muscles and enhance exercise intensity, using more weight in exercise by adding more bumper plates is the way for you. Its high-quality rubber gives a quieter experience and less overall cost. Despite this, it is remarkably affordable. the design keeps your safety at the highest priority. Don’t rely on gyms staying open, get your exercise in the comfort of your home whenever you want.

What are you waiting for? Bring these 20 kg bumper plates to your home and start exercising now!


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Hi-Impact EPDM Bumper Plate

Rubber crumb material made from EPDM recycled rubber which created an extremely durable plate. Stainless steel inner ring allows for effortless loading on and off Olympic bars. Weight Tolerance: +/-0.30% of claimed weight. 25kg-W95mm and 450mm; 20kg-W85mm and 450mm; 15kg-W72mm and 450mm; 10kg-W50mm and 445mm; 5kg-W30mm and 445mm.



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